a platform that facilitates trading using smart contracts to dictate inter-portfolio trade.  


The commodity platform is industry specific and was conceived when we noticed how challenging it was to trust high-value business-to-business transactions between countries. We recognized a need to improve reliability, trust, and accountability for the entire industry’s supply chain.



Our vision for our commodity trading platform is multi-faceted. We envision the platform will meet the needs of wholesalers, retailers, traders, and the middle-men in the industry to bring a smoother experience for the end-consumer. Specifically, this product’s objectives include:



By using the SmartChain Core technology, the platform will provide contract-driven transaction process that holds all parties in a B2B transaction accountable. Based on the terms captured in a contract, the technology automatically transfers payment to the relevant parties.



Individual security is a critical component of doing business anywhere. Just like a credit score provides a lender a metric for how reliable an business is, the platform's unique and proprietary algorithm scores businesses the reliability of their payments. This provides a sense of trust and transparency to all parties in B2B transactions and ultimately expands a businesses horizon.


Today, more than ever before, consumers are concerned with how a product is made. The platform makes a product’s unique lifecycle transparent and accessible for buyers. This helps eliminate doubt and ensures that the end-user knows exactly what they are buying.


Simplified, reliable, and trustworthy transaction processes allow small, medium, and large businesses to connect. This makes for a competitive, market-driven business platform. Further, our forecasting and market trends reports allow smaller players in the marketplace affordable access to otherwise expensive reports.