a platform that manages and tracks healthcare records, monitors the supply chain of medical materials, and matches medical demands with supply worldwide.


Our founding members have all have family members affected by healthcare issues of our time; cancer, Alzheimers, diabetes, among others.  We were committed to providing technology to assist the noble caretakers in the medical profession.  What we discovered was that with all the medical advances found every day, sometimes it was the supply chain process that at times hindered their ability to provide timely care. 



Our goal for our healthcare platform is to provide a platform that allows medical records to be stored and easily accessible and where supply and demand of medical materials can be tracked.   Our hope is to provide support to the medical teams that need materials to help their patients.



Individual security is not just important but mandated.  US HIPPA laws, for example, provide guidelines to ensure patient confidentiality.  The healthcare platform is compliant with worldwide guide lines and provides for secure documentation of medical record (EMR).   


With communicable diseases, it is critical that the supply chain of medical materials is trackable and reliable.  Our platform is able to provide start to finish tracking of medical products to also ensure that there is adequate supply where there is demand.