a platform that allows smaller investors to reap the benefits of large deals with all accountability being managed by DLT


In our younger years we yearned to invest.  But with the fall of local giant Enron effecting close friends and family to watching the Wall Street dives of 2001 and 2007, we knew we wanted to diversify.  But how to diversify into areas that require big bucks?  We are still trying to buy our first homes, getting married, having kids, we didn’t have that much disposable income, so we did what everyone else did, continued to invest in the stock market.  But we always wants to provide a way for large scale projects to tap into a pool of smaller investors that needed a secure and trust worthy environment.



Large project funding can be a deterent into various markets.  Our DLT platform allows small investors to participate in large deals.  Projects that require hundreds of thousands of dollars of investments, can now consist of hundreds of investors who want to invest as little as $1000 per project from all over the world.  Accountablilty to these investors is managed via distributed ledger.



By using the SmartChain Core technology, the platform will provide contract-driven transaction process that validates investors and KYC compliant, stores data for large numbers of investors over large number of projects, and securely is able to perform financiall transactions between large project managers and smaller investors.  Based on the terms captured in a contract, the technology automatically transfers dividends to the larger number of smaller investors without adding to the overhead for the larger project managers.



The fear for these smaller investors is though this is a small investment for the project, it is a significant investment for them and being scammed or investing in non-existent properties are unfortunately not unheard of.  ChainStar has created a plate form that provides that security. Accountablilty to these investors is managed via distributed ledger.  .


The easy to use and understand website allows the highly technical, to the novice computer user that ability to invest with ease.  The . This makes for a competitive, market-driven business platform. Further, our forecasting and market trends reports allow smaller players in the marketplace affordable access to otherwise expensive reports.